Best Congress Candidate from Akron

Best Congress Candidate from Akron

First, at last the Jan. 6th Videos have been released by the new Speaker of the US House, Mike Johnson, therefore a new January 6th Congressional Investigation is demanded. 

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Morckel, a Republican candidate proudly representing Akron, Ohio. My journey has been shaped by an unwavering commitment to upholding the principles upon which our Republic stands. Since a poignant day in third grade, when our nation mourned the loss of President Kennedy, my resolute dedication to the United States as a Republic has driven every step of my path.

In 2016, I took my first steps into the political arena, launching a grassroots campaign that defied expectations. Armed with a modest budget of $700, I secured an impressive 99,330 votes in the primary. This achievement stands as a testament to my genuine connection with the people I aim to serve.

At the core of my platform lies "The Defense of Our Republic." I view our Republic as a precious and invaluable asset, fully aware that its downfall would inflict suffering on many and provide fleeting comfort to just a few. To uphold this vision, I prioritize the reduction of Federal Spending—a strategic move to safeguard our Republic from any attempts at exploitation.

I stand unwaveringly for secure borders and the continuation of border wall construction, recognizing these actions as a testament to our nation's sovereignty. I also acknowledge the intricate tapestry of our diverse nation and the complexities it entails.

Equally paramount is my stance against the unconstitutional digitization of the US Dollar. I firmly believe that every piece of legislation should resonate with the core values enshrined in our Constitution—values that ensure freedom, liberty, justice, and the collective welfare of each and every citizen.

Morckel for Congress embodies my profound dedication to the ideals that have defined the United States for generations. With an unyielding passion for preserving our Republic, my candidacy offers a clear path forward, leading us toward unity, prosperity, and the unwavering integrity of our constitutional foundation. If you have any inquiries, get in touch with me through my contact form!